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Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

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Special Needs Dental Care

Special Needs Dental Care

Children with special needs often have a greater incidence of tooth decay, gum disease and oral trauma. The staff at Happy Pediatric Dentistry in San Antonio, TX has been specially trained to design a program to address your child’s specific needs. Close attention to oral health is especially important for special children for several reasons:

  • Physical limitations and lack of proper motor function can make brushing and flossing difficult.
  • Some medications and special dietary requirements may be detrimental to dental health.
  • Some children require frequent medical treatments and doctors’ appointments, and it is understandable for parents to spend less time overseeing the child’s oral hygiene habits.

At your first visit, we will schedule enough time to ensure a thorough review of your child’s medical history and discuss the best preventative dental care and treatment for your child. Home care takes just minutes a day and prevents needless dental problems. Starting dental care early and being diligent with daily oral hygiene can minimize the financial and emotional costs of oral health and help your child enjoy a healthy smile for a lifetime.

How many teeth does a child have?
Children have 20 primary or baby teeth and 32 adult teeth. Sometimes children have missing or extra teeth. This is a trait that runs in families. In addition, some individuals do not have all of their third molars (wisdom teeth).