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Simple Extractions

Simple Extractions

The removal of single teeth may be necessary to maintain the health of your child’s remaining teeth, permanent teeth and mouth. After evaluating all options, extraction may be the best or only choice. Teeth are most commonly extracted due to:

  • Interference with the growth of a permanent tooth
  • Problems with long or misshapen roots
  • Severe trauma or decay

After determining that extraction is necessary, we will discuss the treatment with you. In some cases, we may recommend replacing the extracted tooth with a space maintainer to keep the teeth and jaw from shifting and creating problems with chewing and dental health. Most tooth extractions are very routine procedures. Our San Antonio, TX Happy Pediatric Dentistry will make sure your child is comfortable, using local anesthesia to completely numb the area. The mouth should heal and return to normal in just a few days.

When should children lose their first tooth?

Most children lose their first tooth at age six years. Some don’t lose one until age eight, and that is still normal.