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Restorative Dentistry

Pediatric Restorative Dentistry in San Antonio

Despite best intentions, sometimes a child’s tooth decay is so severe that it requires restorative treatments. You might think that it’s only a baby tooth, why not just pull it? Pulling it isn’t a good idea because it is important that baby teeth remain in place until the adult teeth are ready to push through the gums. You need to ensure that the adult teeth have the best chance of coming in straight and in alignment and reduces the chance of needing orthodontics.

What Are the Types of Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative Dentistry can encompass a wide range of treatments — fillings for cavities, nerve treatments to remove decayed dental nerves, crowns to top the tooth where the nerve has been removed. Also, Space maintainers are applied when a tooth is lost prematurely to keep the mouth properly spaced for permanent tooth alignment.

If your child should need restorative dentistry, we offer the top of the line treatments. We will make sure your child’s oral health needs stay on track to ensure that when their adult teeth erupt, their mouth is in the best shape possible. We want to keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy!

How do I prevent cavities?

For infants, use a wet gauze or clean washcloth to wipe the plaque from teeth and gums. Avoid putting your child to bed with a bottle filled with anything other than water. For older children, brush their teeth at least twice a day. Also, watch the number of snacks containing sugar that you give your children.