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Working for a New Year’s Smile

Take the Encouragement from Your San Antonio TX Pediatric Dentist to Care for Your Child’s Smile in the New Year


Another incredible year is coming to an end, allowing us to have a fresh start as 2019 approaches. You may be compiling your list of New Year’s resolutions and insisting that you’ll be sticking to them – which you should! Any positive work to improve yourself is always a great thing, so we want to make sure that you’ve added your child’s dental care to that list, too. See some resolution suggestions from your San Antonio TX pediatric dentist to protect and strengthen your children’s teeth and gums next year below.


First Things First – Make an Appointment!
There’s no better way to start this resolution than taking that first step and scheduling an appointment for your child! We know this can also be a difficult step, as well. We understand how busy things can get when you have children, which may cause the trend of ignoring and pushing back the appointment date due to a conflicting schedule.


There are dental conditions that are popular in both children and adults, like sensitivity, loose teeth, or bleeding gums that are important and urgent signs that you should visit our office as soon as possible. Remember, even if your children’s teeth and gums look healthy, there could be hidden issues underneath that only our pediatric dentist can spot.


After you’ve successfully taken them to their first appointment, always schedule the next one before leaving the office so it won’t be put on the back burner.


Commit to the Important Step of Flossing
Despite being one of the most commonly ignored steps in dental hygiene, flossing is an extremely beneficial and necessary part of taking care of your smile for people of all ages. When you floss, you’re getting into all the hard-to-reach places that your toothbrush just can’t clean. When you leave it there, you’re allowing the built-up bacteria to sit, linger, and cause damage to the surrounding teeth. This can make your smile weaker by creating cavities and tougher forms of decay.


This is especially harmful in children because their baby teeth are a very important part of their oral and dental health, despite them falling out as they grow older. Keeping this area clean and strong will allow their permanent teeth to grow in the right way without any negative effects from bacteria.


A helpful tip is to try and make flossing fun for the whole family. Be sure to include this step in your morning and nightly routine with your children and discuss the importance of flossing with them. Helping them properly floss and flossing with them will encourage them to keep up the good habit.


Cut Back on Unhealthy Diets
This resolution is one of the most popular and the one that we hear universally. Reducing the amount of sugar intake is great for your overall health, but especially your mouth. Your teeth, gums, and tongue are the first to encounter all your favorite sugary treats, so they’re the first line of defense and usually take the most damage. We understand how much children love their favorite sweets and treats, but it’s important to protect their ever-growing smile from the dangers of things like sugar that can deteriorate their teeth.


If you’re looking for ways to cut back, please ask us for advice. We know that everyone is unique, and their cravings are all quite different, but we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction so you can start caring for your body that much more.


While making your New Year’s resolutions are simple enough, executing on them is the tough part, but your San Antonio TX pediatric dentist is ready to give you the push you need! Schedule an appointment with our office by calling (210) 510-2862 and we’ll help you start 2019 with a brighter, healthier smile.


We understand that parents, at times, are unable to take care of their children’s dental needs during regular business hours. That’s why we are happy to offer services on Saturday morning and have an extended day on Wednesday until 7pm.